Court Monitor (Adult League Only)

Court Monitors are not certified officials. They assume limited duties to help ensure fair and sportsmanlike play at sites lacking sufficient number of certified officials.


  • Maintain control over assigned courts;

  • Measure the net at the beginning of the first match and at other appropriate times.

  • Time warm-ups, when possible, announce “two minute” at two minutes before the end of warm-up, and announce “time” when play is to begin;

  • Call foot faults, remembering that there is never a warning;

  • Stop play when the monitor observes a Code Violation and seek assistance from the Referee or other official;

  • Settle scoring disputes on a limited basis;

  • Overrule clear mistakes if authorized to do so by the Referee (correct outcalls);

  • Time rest periods;

  • Record scores of matches if requested;

  • Inform the desk of open courts and of the progress of matches in play;

  • Send for a certified official if there is a question of rule interpretation;

  • Call the score if assigned to only one court.

    Contact Jim Lawson or Liz Baker, if you need a court monitor.

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